Why is the Sheriff buying $36,000 muscle cars for his well paid command staff instead of having them drive the same $22,000 cars he buys for patrol deputies? Deputies provide the service to the people and the command staff's only reason for existence is to support those deputies, not to get expensive TOYS!

Purchase Orders

Command staff salaries

HCSO and Lack of Transparency

Hillsborough sheriff chopper 'not flyable' after training incident; NTSB investigating (via Fox 13)

The Sheriff's Office thinks releasing pictures of a crashed helicopter will hamper an NTSB Investigation, but as you can see from the picture below, the NTSB only received one (poorly taken) picture to use for their investigation. How would releasing pictures to the media hamper the investigation? What was HCSO hiding?

Screenshot (13).png
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NTSB Factual Report
Screenshot (4).png
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Helicopter Photo
Screenshot (11).png
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HCSO Crash Report

Following the money: Company that owns red light cameras contributed over $1M into Florida politics (via WFTS)

Why did the Sheriff accept a donation from a highly controversial Red Light camera company?

'I hope you rot in hell,' victim's mother tells Brandon man as he gets life for three murders  (via TBT)



Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office officials allowed the 2009 homicide case of Victor Martinez to remain cold until 2018, despite the fact they had probable cause to charge the offender (Charles Martinez) with Victor’s murder as early as 2014. After learning that a major within the Sheriff's Office had committed perjury in regards to the case, other high ranking officials within the Sheriff’s Office took steps to cover up what the major had done.


As a result, the probable cause to arrest the offender which existed as early as January 2014 was not used until April 13th, 2018. Even then, Sheriff’s Office officials falsified documents in an attempt to explain the time lapse. The cover-up has resulted in at least two federal lawsuits (Boswell v. Gee 8:18-cv01769 & White v. Gee 8:19-cv-00003).

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Boswell v. Gee
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White v. Gee

Body Cameras

Sheriff: Undercover deputy who fatally struck Tampa teen on Florida Avenue was driving 21 miles per hour over the posted speed limit (via TBT)


On January 11th, 2019, an HCSO deputy struck and killed a 15-year-old boy who was crossing the street. Some say the deputy left the scene before eventually returning. The deputy, who was in an unmarked undercover vehicle, was being followed by a marked sheriff's patrol car, but, by design of the Sheriff, this vehicle didn't have a video camera and the driver had no body camera.

Prosecutors clear Hillsborough deputy in shooting that left

teen paralyzed (via TBT)

Deputy cleared in shooting that paralyzed unarmed Tampa


teen (via TBT)


On March 26th, 2019, an HCSO deputy responded to a domestic dispute and encountered the suspect, who he believed was armed. The deputy fired his service pistol, striking the suspect and paralyzing him, but there was no gun located. I'm certain the deputy perceived a threat, but why should we have everyone question the deputy's actions when a body camera could have been used to provide a clearer understanding. In the latest article the sheriff says that he is trying to get body cameras for 1,200 deputies but says it isn't because of this shooting. I guarantee it isn't because of this shooting or any other, It's because body cameras were a part of my campaign last election and they will be this time as well -- looks like the sheriff is playing politics with body cameras!

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