Gary Pruitt is a seasoned law enforcement professional who retired after 25 years of dedicated service with the Tampa Police Department. Since retiring in 2015, he has devoted his retirement to serving others while trying to make Hillsborough County a better place. You can find Gary at community events such as feeding the homeless, participating in community fundraisers for children, or lending a helping hand to those who need it the most. Gary is about doing the right thing!

Gary is a determined professional who believes that fighting a corrupt system isn't easy. He ran for Sheriff in 2018 and received over 45% of the vote (231,418 votes) -- barely losing to the current millionaire sheriff, who spent over $1,000,000 to plaster his name all over the county's equipment on taxpayers' time and money. 

As your next Sheriff, you will know Gary based on the quality of his work, not by seeing his name all over county buildings and vehicles.


Gary's pledge is to bring justice and integrity to the Sheriff's Office, for which it's long overdue. Gary's core values of Community, Transparency, and Integrity are based on his beliefs of doing what's right by serving others. 

Gary is accessible, straightforward, and excited to serve you as your next Sheriff! 

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